Former Vice President Mike Pence Urges U.S. to Pursue a Taiwan Trade Deal

Former Vice President Mike Pence supports a free trade deal with Taiwan in a speech at The Heritage Foundation

42 U.S. Senators Urge USTR to Reconvene Negotiations on a Taiwan Free Trade Agreement

On June 30, 2021, 42 U.S. Senators sent a letter to USTR highlighting the importance of reconvening trade agreement talks with Taiwan.

AmCham Taiwan Launches the Taiwan Commercial Initiative (TCI) to reinforce a Taiwan BTA

Coalition member AmCham Taiwan introduced the Taiwan Commercial Initiative, reinforcing support for a U.S.-Taiwan BTA

CFR: The Time Is Now for a Trade Deal With Taiwan

On June 14, 2021 the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) published a blog post arguing for a US-Taiwan trade deal



A stable and economically vibrant Taiwan is in the interests of both the United States and our regional allies. The time is right for the U.S. to bring the economic relationship with Taiwan to the next level by negotiating and signing a U.S.-Taiwan Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA).


The Coalition aims to solidify support within the United States for a U.S.-Taiwan Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA). It was formed to act as a primary engine for advocacy and promotion of trade agreement negotiations between the U.S. and Taiwan.



Coalition members are dedicated to supporting a Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA) between the United States and Taiwan. Members represent businesses and organizations across a wide range of sectors and spanning a range of bilateral economic interests.

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