The US-Taiwan Bilateral Trade Agreement Coalition was formed to solidify support for a US-Taiwan Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA), and to act as a primary engine for advocacy promoting BTA negotiations with Taiwan in the United States.

Coalition Members consist of companies, trade associations, and other business organizations interested in constructing a broad base of support for a U.S.-Taiwan BTA – in all regions of the United States and Taiwan, and from all sectors of the economy.

The Coalition serves as a mechanism for binding together all those interested in supporting this worthwhile cause, leveraging and coordinating resources to accomplish the goal of the United States and Taiwan signing a Bilateral Trade Agreement.

Membership Structure & Organization

The Coalition uses a three-tiered membership structure, with the membership level determined by the resources that the member is willing to commit to the Coalition. The US-Taiwan Business Council acts as the coordinator and manager of the Coalition.

Steering Committee

Steering Committee members are those members who wish to be an active participant in the Coalition’s efforts. The Steering Committee determines the strategic and tactical direction taken by the Coalition, and makes final approvals on Coalition activities. The US-Taiwan Business Council will act as a Steering Committee Member and Coalition Chair, and will manage the Coalition resources and schedule. Up to three other Steering Committee members will be appointed as Co-Chairs, to provide direction and focus to the Coalition’s efforts. 

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of those members that are dedicating staff and in-kind resources to the Coalition, including staffing events or providing meeting space or other resources that enable the Coalition to function. Time spent on coalition work by these members is donated to the Coalition.


Regular coalition members are those companies and organizations that are supportive of a US-Taiwan BTA, but that are unable to commit resources to the Coalition’s work. Coalition members are encouraged to submit a written statement, to be published on the Coalition’s website, indicating that the company or organization is supportive of the effort and of the BTA generally. Members are welcome to submit input to the Steering Committee, and to participate in Coalition activities and advocacy efforts.

US-Taiwan Bilateral Trade Agreement Coalition Mission

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