Senator Rick Scott: Standing with Taiwan Means Delivering Strength in Both Arms and Trade

Port of Kaohsiung

On August 4, 2022, the National Review published an article by United States Senator Rick Scott (FL-R) entitled, “Standing with Taiwan Means Delivering Strength in Both Arms and Trade.” Senator Scott argues the U.S. must demonstrate support with Taiwan both through increased trade and military ties.

One way to do this is through strong economic agreements such as the new U.S.–Taiwan Initiative for 21st Century Trade. Our trade negotiators in the United States Trade Representative’s Office (USTR) must aim high with this new initiative to strengthen Taiwan’s economy, maximize technology collaborations with the United States, and further cement Taiwan’s place in a free and stable Pacific. But trade agreements alone are not enough.

Senator Scott then advocates for his Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act, which “which pairs military strategy with clear trade policy, a pairing meant to strengthen Taiwan and improve its standing on the world stage.” He goes on to say, “the Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act urges USTR to initiate a bilateral free-trade agreement with Taiwan.”

Standing with Taiwan and employing a truly effective strategy of “integrated deterrence” means delivering strength in both arms and trade. It is essential to the national security of the United States, and the preservation of freedom and democracy in Asia, that we seize the opportunity before us to deter and combat communist China’s aggression. 

The US-Taiwan BTA Coalition welcomes this support for a Bilateral Trade Agreement with Taiwan.

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