The Project 2049 Institute

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The Project 2049 Institute is a nonprofit research organization focused on promoting American values and security interests in the Indo-Pacific region. We specialize in open-source research using Chinese language sources to inform policy debate and advance public education. Our core mission is to create and disseminate knowledge that makes the region more peaceful and prosperous.

The Project 2049 Institute is located in Arlington, Virginia, and was co-founded in 2008 by the Honorable Randall Schriver and Lt Col Mark Stokes (USAF, ret.). Independent and non-partisan, our research is focused on bolstering human rights and national security. Our work is made available to the public via live webinars and events, online publications, the Institute’s own AsiaEye Blog, and program execution in the United States and throughout the Indo-Pacific. Additionally, we manage a rolling internship program focused on training the next generation of Indo-Pacific security experts on issues such as cross-Strait security, PLA studies, and the Chinese Communist Party, among other core foci.

The Project 2049 Institute has long supported a U.S.-Taiwan bilateral trade agreement, and has conducted research on this topic for publication. We encourage progress on this matter and all initiatives aimed to create a more normal, stable, and constructive U.S.-Taiwan relationship.